Closing the Forums

In keeping with our mission and goals to best serve students, parents, teachers, and supporters, the forums will be closed and deactivated as of 12 noon Monday, March 4, 2019. We are announcing the closing of the forums in advance in order to give our users the opportunity to connect with each other in the remaining time.

The forums were created as a place for fans to connect, at a time before there were places to connect online like social media, etc. Since its beginnings, we have appreciated our forum users and your passion and enthusiasm for Bands of America, Music for All, and the hundreds of thousands of student performers at our events. Thank you for being part of our community and we hope you’ll continue to connect with us through our other online channels.

The website will continue as it has since its inception with regular posts. Music for All has active and inclusive Music for All and Bands of America communities on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, where our members and followers can follow and comment on their interests.

The forums have far outlived their expected lifespan and intention. With our ever-growing programs and online presence, Music for All is no longer able to maintain and monitor the forums. Music for All will focus on maintaining the social media connect points that are most active today and consider ways to improve that experience on those channels.