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"I look 100 percent, right?" Nunes kidded. Outside the octagon, in any case, Nunes is managing a worry that was absent amid arrangements for their booked July experience: Hurricane Irma, which is making a beeline for her present home in South Florida in the wake of causing pulverization in the Caribbean.

"I may stay (in Canada after the battle), since I can't backpedal home," Nunes said. "You know, we have a typhoon coming to Florida. What's more, my home is in that spot, ideal in the center. I need to perceive what I will do after the battle."

However, even looked with a strict tempest, Nunes isn't giving her mind a chance to meander from the job needing to be done.

"I have an organization at this moment there to ensure everything inside the house my pooches, everything is there," Nunes said. "In any case, I have two or three companions in my home, too, and everything will be fine.

"(It's) simple (to close that out), on the grounds that I have every one of those individuals that help me, too, back home. Also, they will ensure everything is great. I live in a range, it (won't be capable) to surge or anything like that. Since we have a lake. They depleted all the water to (get ready) for when the tempest comes; everything is prepared to top it off once more. I'm totally OK with that." Urgent instant messages aside, John Kavanagh doesn't hope to get notification from Conor McGregor at any point in the near future with the Irish champ in Ibiza, Spain, for a wedding.

After the tornado of consideration that finished up with the possibly record-breaking "Cash Fight" against Floyd Mayweather, the extremely popular mentor said it's a great opportunity to "turn off" and put off feasible arrangements.


*Jazz* UFC 216 Live Stream Ferguson vs Lee Online Free HD
*Jazz* UFC 216 Live Stream Ferguson vs Lee Online Free
*Jazz* UFC 216 Live Stream Ferguson vs Lee Online
*Jazz* UFC 216 Live Stream Ferguson vs Lee
*Jazz* UFC 216 Live Stream