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    My son is scheduled to attend the Orchestra America Festival for 2018. Our out of pocket expense is $1700.00. Could someone who has attended this (student) or had a student attend explain to me what myself and my child will gain from this investment.

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    Nope! No idea about this cost. I am also interested to know about the exact cost.


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      I think it's hard to put a dollar figure on it, but typically musical camps like this cram a lot of high quality instruction into a short period of time. Additionally, your son will get to travel somewhere and interact and meet with kids who are similarly talented. He'll likely make some friends that he'll keep - especially in this day and age where social media allows them to stay in touch easily. Lastly, remember you only have a few years and your son will be on to adulthood, so if you are able to I think it's good to give them all of these types of experiences while you can.

      Just my two cents. We're already saving for band camp for next summer - their fourth year.


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        Thanks for your response. My son goes to a 6 night strings camp ever year to the tune of $500 and probably gets much the same experience. Also, I am a travel agent so my son has done extensive travel to much more interesting places than Indianapolis. He is a junior now and I feel that $1700 could be better spent on a family vacation. I wouldn't have minded this so much but we were only given 4 months to raise the funds and it just hasn't been handled well by the school. All I wanted was for someone with the school or Music For All/Orchestra America to tell me that this would help with his COLLEGE career/resume builder and not one single person could tell me that. So far no one answering in this forum has told me that either. What a shame!